Fall is a great time to tackle all the home improvement projects that you didn’t get to this summer, but with nicer weather!

Alright South Bend, we’re almost through it — through a brutally warm summer! How’d you fare? What about your home improvement projects? The thing with the summer is though some people have the time to take, the weather can easily derail projects, which makes fall the season to get done what you didn’t in the summer! 

At AJ Construction, we are based in South Bend and can lend a hand with all of your fall home improvement projects from siding to hail damage repair — and everything in between — we can get your home in tip-top shape for the cooler weather! Learn more about fall home improvement projects below!

DIY Home Improvement Projects

There are many home improvements projects you can tackle on your own to update you home and make it look its best. 

Add Paint

You can both paint the exterior and interior of your home this fall, in fact, fall is one of the best times to paint the exterior of your home because of the cooler weather. Add new trim around the windows or paint the whole thing! 

Interior paint is a great way to shake things up — add a little color or freshen up it up with a bright white coat. 

Update the front door.

Nothing catches curb appeal like a beautiful and unique door. You can stay traditional and install a classic wood door that is, unfortunately, a dying breed or paint your existing door a fun color. Try something that complements your exterior paint, but one that also pops. A favorite is a dark grey house with a chartreuse door or a white house with a bright red or navy blue door. 

Create an eye-popping entrance.

In the same vein as updating the front door, use this time to also freshen up the outdoor entrance to your home. Add a few oversized planters to each side of the door for symmetry or add a swing or relaxing patio furniture you can sip coffee on in the brisk fall mornings. 

Really make this space your own and make it comfy — add outdoor rugs and pieces that incorporate your personality. 

Update your headboard.

One way to really transform your bedroom is to create a beautiful headboard. Traditionally, they’re wood and blend with the rest of your bedroom furniture. This is a chance to craft something you love — from a tufted velvet headboard to painting it a different color, there are so many creative ways to update and style your headboard. 

Add Storage

Whether it’s in your laundry or pantry, sometimes we’re just a little short on space. You can be as simple and just add shelves above your washer and dryer or invest in ready to assemble cabinets for the full effect and gold standard in storage! 

There are many things you can improve on your own and we’ve covered a few of them in this post but there are projects that are just meant for home improvement experts, and that’s what we’ll cover in part two! 

For more information about our home improvement services in South Bend reach out today!