Roofs, siding, and storm repair in South Bend!

In part one, we explored common DIY home improvement projects that can be done by anyone — from updating your front entrance to adding a fresh coat of paint — these are great projects to tackle in the fall. But, sometimes there are just some home improvement projects you want to leave to the professionals. 

At AJ Construction, we’re the home improvement experts in South Bend. Partner with us for all of your roofing, siding, and storm repair needs. What projects should be left up to the experts? Follow along in today’s blog to find out!

Home Improvement Projects To Leave For The Experts!

Sure, you can paint, do a little light landscaping, and update things in your home on your own, but there are just some home improvement projects that should just be left to the professionals! Let’s dive right in to them below. 

Roof Installation In South Bend

As a homeowner, you just don’t want to tackle installing a new roof. You may think that you’ll save money and you may have the time, but you’ll lose out when you realize you didn’t properly install the shingles and there’s a leak in the dead of winter, or finding that you have to replace it in five years — much shorter than normal — because the job was just not professional. 

Instead, hire a professional roofing company for your South Bend residence. To an untrained eye it may be difficult to notice when you need a new roof or recognize any red flags, which is why an inspection is always recommended. 

A new roof is a perfect home improvement project in the fall! It is generally a slower time and it is a nice refuge from the summer heat. At AJ Construction and Roofing, we provide the following roofing services:  

  • Underlayment
  • Eaves
  • Water tight sealing
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Shingle repair and replacement

Siding In South Bend

Siding is another home improvement project left to the professionals! Not only does it give your home an instant facelift and enhance the curb appeal, but it makes your home incredibly weather resistant! 

When you partner with AJ Construction And Roofing, our siding contractors will work with you to select the perfect color and style siding from CertainTeed siding products. Our difference in not only in the products we use but the skill and craftsmanship we provide such as:

Color coordination

45 degree angled cuts for a better aesthetic

Proper nail sizes

Hail And Storm Damage Repair In South Bend

South Bend sees its fair share of summer storms and whether it’s the hail or strong winds, Mother Nature can do a number on our homes. The fall is a great time to collect on your insurance claim and get help from the home improvement experts. 

When the storm hits, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Roof repairs
  • Roof replacements
  • Siding repair or replacement
  • Gutter installation
  • Insurance claim help
  • Free inspections and quotes

If you’re ready for fall improvements from the home improvement and roofing experts in South Bend, connect with us today!