1. 8 Home Improvement Projects For Fall (Part Two)

    Roofs, siding, and storm repair in South Bend! In part one, we explored common DIY home improvement projects that can be done by anyone — from updating your front entrance to adding a fresh coat of paint — these are great projects to tackle in the fall. But, sometimes there are just some home improvement projects you want to leave to the professionals.  At AJ Construction, we’re the home im…Read More

  2. 8 Home Improvement Projects For Fall (Part One)

    Fall is a great time to tackle all the home improvement projects that you didn’t get to this summer, but with nicer weather! Alright South Bend, we’re almost through it — through a brutally warm summer! How’d you fare? What about your home improvement projects? The thing with the summer is though some people have the time to take, the weather can easily derail projects, which makes fall th…Read More