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AJ Construction and Roofing

AJ Construction & Roofing is a roofing contractor located in the Mishawaka, IN area. AJ Construction & Roofing specializes in residential roofing projects, and has extensive experience working with homeowner’s insurance companies to complete restoration projects for homeowners, whether those projects come as a result of inclement weather, such as a severe storm, or as a result of age, deterioration, or human error. Established in 2007, AJ Construction & Roofing is a local roofing contractor that has consistently delivered high-quality workmanship and superlative customer service to its client base. If you have roofing needs in the Mishawaka, IN area, contact AJ Construction & Roofing at 574-674-4226!


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Serving Mishawaka, IN

AJ Construction & Roofing has carved out a niche for itself working with major insurance companies to complete insurance restoration projects, and can provide peace of mind and ease for homeowners and insurance companies alike in carrying out repairs, from temporary emergency fixes all the way through the claim being filed and releasing repair funds. Choosing AJ Construction & Roofing means choosing a company you can trust.

AJ Construction & Roofing is also proficient in completing roof installations and repair work outside the realm of insurance claims. If you are in the South Bend area of Indiana — specifically in or near Mishawaka, IN — contact AJ Construction & Roofing at 574-674-4226 for quotes, availability, and all offered services.