Roof Leak Repair

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Leak Repair Experts

Repairing or patching a leaking roof can be a quick project, requiring only a bit of know-how and a few simple tools, or it can be a more substantial project, requiring the help of a roofing professional. While a simple patch job might not seem like a big deal, a roof leak is another matter altogether. A leak in a roof can cause structural damage to a home and can be the first step in additional issues, such as mold and mildew—both of which have the potential to harm homeowners and cause serious health issues. If you have roofing needs in the Mishawaka, IN area, contact AJ Construction & Roofing at 574-674-4226!

Roof Leak Patch Versus Repair

A roof leak patch and a roof leak repair are two different things. A patch suggests a small amount of damage and the potential for a more intense fix down the road, while a repair suggests a larger overall damaged area and a conclusion to the issue. If a roof is leaking and in need of a repair in Mishawaka, IN, this could be due to a number of issues, ranging from a poorly-installed roofing system to a small tear in the roof itself. A roof in need of a patch is usually plagued by a single puncture or a series of punctures, which must then be patched in order to prevent additional leaks. The type of patch or repair that occurs when a leak springs up depend on the type of roofing involved.

Roofing Types

The most common residential roofing systems include:

The pros and cons of each are substantial, but all are capable of being repaired on a large scale, as well as undergoing smaller-scale repairs, such as patching.

Metal Roofing Patch and Repair

A metal roof patch is a simple matter. A small strip of metal roofing is typically laid over the damaged area, screwed in, and sealed. Patches can last years without suffering any damage and can be a simple and effective way to stop a small leak in its tracks. If the portion of the roof that is damaged is greater than 6 inches in length or depth, a patch is unlikely to do the trick. Instead, an entire sheet of the metal roof will probably need to be removed and replaced, in order to prevent additional leaks from springing up.

Shingle Roofing Patch and Repair

Shingle roofing relies on tar and sheets of shingles, which are combined to create a thick, moisture-free barrier. Typically, a shingle roof in need of a patch will simply mean reapplying tar and patching the roof in this way. Shingle patches are often simple to do and do not require a lot of time or resources to complete. Conversely, shingle repair is a more involved process, which involves removing the damaged sheet of shingles and replacing the damaged area with a fresh sheet of shingles.

Roof Leak Repair

Repairing a leaking roof can be a matter of placing a small patch on the damaged area, or it may require a more substantial form of intervention. Whether you have a slightly damaged roof or a large area of a roof in need of repair, contact AJ Construction & Roofing at 574-674-4226. AJ Construction & Roofing offers homeowners comprehensive roofing solutions, including patches and repairs.