Emergency Roofing in Mishawaka, IN

emergency roof repair

Roofing Emergencies

Ideally, roof repair will come at a time when a homeowner has had a chance to save up and choose the company and roof type they truly want, but life is not always so kind. In many cases, a roof replacement or repair need comes at a dire time, such as in the middle of a storm, when the roof has been punctured, or after there has been an accident on the homeowner’s part, such as falling through the roof, inadvertently felling a tree directly onto the roof, or unintentionally damaging the roof shingles. If you are in need of emergency roofing in the Mishawaka, IN area, be sure to call AJ Construction & Roofing at 574-674-4226 today!

What Are The Most Common Sources of Emergency Roof Repair?

  • Storm Damage: Many homes’ roofs are damaged after an intense rain, thunder, or snowstorm, as these conditions all have the potential to cause intense pressure or weight on a roof, resulting in damage and necessary repair.
  • Human Mistakes: Human mistakes might include improper installation, but could also include accidentally harming the roof, whether that damage is wrought from the top of the home, or from the inside of the home.
  • Acts of God”: In the absence of a storm, a roof may still be damaged; trees can fall without warning, joists can give way seemingly without cause, and neighbors can engage in harmful behavior that damages your property. All of these may create damage intense enough to warrant emergency roof repair.

What is Emergency Roof Repair?

Emergency roof repair differs from standard repairs primarily in terms of timelines. An emergency repair is one that must be completed quickly and is often a temporary fix until a more permanent, hardy repair can be completed. If a portion of the roof is ripped off, for instance, a roofing company might get out quickly to install a heavy-duty tarp, until the remainder of the roof can be inspected for damage, and the roof can be replaced or repaired.

Most roofing companies offer emergency roof repair, though the timeline may vary. Some companies might specifically have emergency repair protocols, while others might simply get a worker out as soon as possible to make a complete repair, rather than offering a temporary one. Here at AJ Construction & Roofing, we make sure to take care of you during emergencies. We know how stressful a time like this can be, so we are sure to offer fast repairs and friendly help along the way.

What Does Emergency Roof Repair Cost?

Emergency roof repair is often rolled into the cost of a more long-term fix. Some companies will send a team out to complete an emergency repair without immediately requiring compensation, and request compensation at the close of the entire repair process. Others will happily complete an emergency repair, without the expectation of additional work. If this is the case, compensation is typically due at the end of the job and will range considerably in price, depending on how thorough the repair actually is. As mentioned above, if the emergency repair is simply placing a tarp on the damaged area or something similar, the cost of repair is likely to be minimal, requiring only a couple of hours of labor, and any materials involved. If, however, the emergency repair is more substantial, the cost of emergency repair is likely to be the same price as a standard roof repair unless the company charges an additional fee to rush services. To determine whether or not the company in question has a rush fee, simply ask the office for a general estimate.

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